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Wildstreet ‘Kings Of World Tour’ Europe / unreleased single coming soon!

Thank you to everyone who came out to ‘Kings Of World Tour IV’ with Once Around! It was a blast! October’s coming soon! OCT 09 Swiss Rock Cruise

Get tickets to Swiss Rock Cruise:

OCT 10 Wildstreet / Blackbeer at Cherrydon Marseille, France

OCT 13 Wildstreet / King Zebra info TBA

OCT 14 Wildstreet / Urgent at Rock ‘n Eat

Lyon France

OCT 16 Wildstreet / The Dirty Denims & Rebel Rock at De Verlichte Geest Roeselare, Belgium

New song (previously unreleased) will be released via Golden Robot Records this fall! Stay tuned! Xoxo


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